Convert Your Prospects Into Clients

Before you read down, here's some copywriting food for thought:

  • How do you define an "offer," and what's yours?
  • What are your prospects' "hair on fire" problems?
  • How do you handle the gap between Heaven Island and Hell Island?
  • Most people rather move away from ____ than towards ______.  (You need to be able to fill in those blanks...)
  • What's the one question you absolutely must answer in your copy?
Sean Ring is an AWAI Verified Copywriter.

Sean Respects You...

Because He's One of You.

(It's best to listen at 1.5x speed.)

A freelance financial copywriter who's the real deal.

Sean Ring | CFA Ethical Decision Making for Investment Professionals
Sean Ring, CMT
Sean Ring, FRM
Sean Ring | Certified MBTI Badge
Sean Ring | Chartered MCSI

Here Are Some of Sean's Copywriting Projects...

Blogs / SEO Writing

These are some SEO-optimized blog posts for

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Scott Adams Net Worth
George Soros Net Worth by Sean Ring Oil Crash piece

Content Writing

Here is a series of content Sean wrote for Joshua Boswell at The Profit Roadmap.  We published them on LinkedIn.

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Sean Ring Social Media Blog Post Samples

Email Marketing

An email marketing sequence Sean wrote for Barefoot Writer, an AWAI publication.

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Sean Ring Email Sequence Sample

Video Sales Letters

A two-minute VSL for Finlingo Limited, which introduced its product on its home page.

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White Papers

This is a white paper Sean wrote for Finlingo Limited entitled Automate Your MCQ Exams to Effortlessly Advance Their Quality and Fairness.  It is intended for the examination organization audience.

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Finlingo White Paper

A Freelance Financial Copywriter With Real World Experience.

There is simply no other freelance financial copywriter with as much education, experience, and bona fides as Sean.

Sean owns two finance degrees (Villanova and London Business School), a CAIA charter, a CMT charter, an FRM charter, a chartered membership of the CISI, and an MBTI certification.

He spent over 20 years in banking, teaching it, and writing about it. 

This means you don't have to educate your copywriter on the finer points of finance, investment, and trading... nor the investor's psychological make up.

As your freelance copywriter, Sean will...

  • Get your product in front of prospects who admit to specific, present, and urgent pain... and are ready to pay for relief now...
  • Then he'll talk to them clearly until they see your offer as the ONLY solution available that will work for them... and until they become your happy customer.
  • And then he'll repeat it, over and over again.

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My vast finance background is at your disposal.

No other freelance financial copywriter has the education, experience, or know-how that Sean does.  That means research doesn't take Sean nearly as long as other copywriters.  And Sean already understands the financial products in the market.

I get the most complex structured products.

...Sean can break them down into bite-size, easily understandable pieces.

It's absolutely critical not to confuse your suspects, prospects, and clients with unintelligible jargon.

The key to selling is emotion, even for the most sophisticated products.  

Here are a few of my big clients.

Here's a sample of the central banks, financial regulators, national utilities, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, investment banks, and private banks I've worked with either as an employee, external trainer, or copywriter:

Sean Ring's Clients

Agreeable service with a smile.

I absolutely 100% guarantee I'll be a pleasure to work with.

  • I love what I do. And I've got over twenty years of experience behind me.
  • I hit deadlines... I'm usually submit my work early, actually.
  • I love working with the entrepreneurial engines of our economy.
  • And I'll do everything I can to grow your business as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Still need more proof?  No worries.  Click on the icon for Sean's LinkedIn profile...

SEAN'S approach

Discover how Sean can make a difference for your product.

From start to finish, here's how Sean handles your copywriting project.

  1. Sean gathers as much information as he can about your product and your market.
  2. Then he spends a lot of time studying that information.
  3. Then Sean writes a copy platform describing the promotion or content piece he intends to write.
  4. Once you approve the platform, Sean writes a few drafts until he's happy with it.
  5. Once that's done, he gets it professionally proofread at no additional cost.
  6. Once he gets it back from the proofreader, then he sends it to you.
  7. You provide your comments in any manner or format you prefer, but usually this is as comments in the MS Word document or Google doc, itself.
  8. Sean revises the copy until you're satisfied with it and accept it.
  9. Sean makes sure the copy he's written matches the layout of the website.
  10. Regarding the layout, Sean gives his corrections and comments to you, if there are any.

Here's what my clients say...

"His hands on approach and partnership model helps..."

I have known Sean for close to 10 years, consummate and passionate leader. Each interaction with him is not only interesting but also enriching. Sean is a known name in the industry, collaborated with Barclays as a Financial Market Consultant, in fact he is one of the eminent personalities who has consulted and delivered sessions for most of the IB firms operating out of India and other geographical regions and even as a visiting faculty to renowned management colleges & universities, he acts as an enabler by being a bridge between strategy and operations, implementation. His hands on approach and partnership model helps other IB functions not only deliver but also bring out a sense of belonging to the ultimate objective.

Ashish Dewan
Principal Business Analyst | Product Trainer

"Perhaps the reason why Sean has been so successful is because he understands..."

Perhaps the reason why Sean has been so successful is because he understands finance enough to demystify it, eliminating the jargon and delivering lessons on its powerful impacts in real-life situations. Beyond finance, Sean is an economist in his own right. This informs his impressive understanding of market behavior and how it impacts economies and the finance profession.

Samson Pam
Economist at Securities and Exchange Commission

"Sean is a pleasure to work with, he knows his product intimately, gets things done..."

I worked with Sean closely while he was at Credit Suisse and responsible for, amongst other things, managing external vendors for soft skills delivery to stakeholders across Investment Banking. Sean is a pleasure to work with, he knows his product intimately, gets things done, and has one of the best approaches to work and life I’ve ever come across!

Neil Orvay
Owner and Founder, Evolution U

"...Sean has a great ability to deliver the message in an a clear and straightforward fashion."

Sean made the CFA fun!! Enthusiastic, engaging, Sean has a great ability to deliver the message in an a clear and straightforward fashion. Always a straight up professional who demonstrates the highest level of due diligence care and attention when it comes to getting the job done.

Liam Robertson, CFA, CAIA
CEO, Alphabit Digital Currency Fund

"His ability to couple this with actual trading experience..."

I have known Sean for close to 20 years and have seen first hand what an intellectual power house he is. His knowledge of the global financial markets in all its guises is without parallel. His ability to couple this with actual trading experience means he has the ability to test many economic theories and see if the work in the real world. Black-Scholes?.....Meh! You will be surprised. All in all Sean is someone that you should listen to.

Hung-Wah Cheung
Partner at Demeter Capital Partners

"One of Sean's key strengths is to explain the complicated but makes it sound simple..."

One of Sean's key strengths is to explain the complicated but makes it sound simple sprinkled with a lot of fun and humour making learning interesting and effective. As a partner to a business he grasps your idea quickly and then delivers it better than you imagined. I wholeheartedly recommend a conversation with Sean and look forward to the next time I get that opportunity!

Anna Champion
Head of Early Careers Learning at Jardine Matheson

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Sean Ring | CFA Ethical Decision Making for Investment Professionals
Sean Ring, CMT
Sean Ring, FRM
Sean Ring | Certified MBTI Badge
Sean Ring | Chartered MCSI
Sean Ring is an AWAI Verified Copywriter.