Here's a quick list of my services.


Advertorials are the magic pill of any advertising promotion.  They serve as the presale pages between an ad and a promotion.  Any new promotion should have at least 4 advertorials supporting it.

Content/SEO Writing

Want to rank highly for a certain keyword?  Now it's more of a science than an art.  But you need to know the exact formula to get you on Page 1.  Because on Page 2, you're invisible.

E-mail Marketing

Email is dead.  Long live email!

There's no better way to keep in touch with your clients.  Automate the process, and you've got a superpower on cruise control.

Facebook Marketing

Like it or not, most people in the buying bracket still use it.  Mastering Facebook advertising can be the key to your fortune.  But it isn't just the fancy graphics that matter.